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2016 CX5 GT 19's

2016.5 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD w/Tech
If you part them out let me know. I could use one as I earned some curb rash shortly after picking up my 16.5 back in late '16.

Did you get replacements? Thought of doing this. Curious at to what you got and how they look.


CX-5 Touring 2016.5
^^^^^^ Somebody needs to try this out. A lot of insurance companies have stopped buying brand new parts to replace stuff on cars in accident. So tantrum can see if it makes more sense to part it out to them. If they have a GT with 30k miles in an accident they would happily take one of these wheels and call it a fair replacement. Maybe he can get more than 300 if he has space to store them.