2016 CX5 front leather seat wear issue

Mazda cx-5 GT AWD
I have the same problem in my 2016. I also got the same response from the dealer.

Mine look MUCH worse than yours.

I strongly suspect that my son's vape caused the problem. I've purchase replacement seat bottoms, but haven't had them installed yet.

The seats seem to be very sensitive to chemicals. It's really my only complaint with the car.


2016 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD w/Tech Pkg. Plano, TX
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CX5 front leather seat wear issue

I appreciate the responses! Thank you for the insight David Paul! If I do a physical activity and sweat, is it safe to sit on leather seats? I'm trying to understand if I'm completely naive about leather seats and I'm actually doing something to cause this. After I originally noticed the issue after a soccer practice, which was about 6 weeks ago (I was sweaty, but was in the car for the drive home for about 3 mins), I began using a towel on the seat, but since then, more issues have now developed on the sides of the seat, which I had ironically believed to be better materials since the issue started on the perforation.

I took it in to the dealer where I purchased the vehicle 8 months ago and told them I expected all the seats to be replaced under warranty. They said they would have to submit a warranty claim to Mazda and took a picture and sent it in. They called a few days later and told me the claim was denied due to the issue being from "outside/external forces" and not the materials or workmanship. What?!?!?! I can't fathom many "outside forces" which could cause this. It's not like I left the door open and the entire seat got drenched in rain or something. The issue is clearly developing around the areas where my body touches the leather. I plan to take it to another dealer, but at this point, I'm pretty astonished they wouldn't at least replace the seat experiencing the issue.

Here's the latest pics of the issue. You can see it spreading to the outside solid portions of leather now.
Yep this's unfortunate experience. But instead of taking to another dealer, you should call Customer Experience Center, Mazda North American Operations directly complaining about the issue. Tell the rep this's not acceptable for an 8-month long vehicle, and you have never had such bad experience on leather seat from other cars you have had. Another Mazda dealer won't do any thing special for you than your purchasing dealer.
Sorry to hear that is happening to you. But glad that I'm not the only one. I have the same problem with my drivers side seat ( white leather ). Mazda won't do a thing about it. If you solved this please let me know.
Thank you

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I've already posted elsewhere about my leather seat bumps:

Close from back.jpg

I'll wait for my first oil change/tire rotation to take it in and see what kind of arm wrestling I gotta do.