2016 CX3 Wheel Speed Sensor

2016 Mazda CX3 GS
Newbie here, I have not seen any posting about this so I thought I would share....

I had a wheel speed sensor go on our car, $100 diagnosis and $60 for the part. I replaced it myself as our car is out of warranty. 1st thing I noticed and wish I had taken a picture of, the bolt holding the sensor was not threaded in properly and the sensor was loose. 2nd thing I noticed was the original bolt for the sensor only has maybe 5 threads on it. 3rd thing I noticed, comparing the original sensor to the new one is that Mazda made a design change on how the sensor is bolted to the car. It is no longer a shoulder bolt with only a few threads. Of course they didn't supply the bolt (luckily I had a M6 bolt that worked). So if your ABS light comes on the 1st thing you may want to do is make sure the Bolt is seated properly and is snug.

Now I have to figure out why my engine light is on with a 'Too Lean' code.