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2016 CX-9 Wiper Blade Connector


CX-9 2016
video on 2016 CX-9 wiper insert change

Ran into the same issue of not finding a wiper blade replacement set from our local Costco/Sam's Club & auto parts store. After I came across this thread I took PTguy advice and got a set of wiper inserts from the dealership, $8/each. Super easy to change out, I made a quick video for future reference. Hope there aren't any other "nuissances" on an otherwise great vehicle.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6E5vRdqu0M - I'll admit I've never changed the rubber wiper insert before, I may just do that for all our vehicles from now on
Well i know that the ABLE Wipes listed for 2016 CX-9 on Amazon absolutely won't work at all. First they sent the ones set up for a hook. Then they set an adapter that looks right but is about 2 mill too wide to fit. Sent them a pic and they said keep-em and refunded my $. Shame cause they really look good but only will work with those whose arms and hands are long enough to reach out and use them on the windshield while driving.
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Finally found an alternate to OEM, after searching for 2 years.

The Bosch Envision has the right adapter, an earlier post on this thread mentioned the Envision so I figured I'd give it a shot. Perfect fit.

I'm not sure if Bosch has added the adapter to their Icon pack or anything else. I tried the Icon over a year ago and it lacked the right adapter. I also tried multiple Rain-X types (my preferred brand) with no luck.

The Bosch Envision is the first alternate I've found to OEM.

Bought online from Autozone, not in store stock.
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Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
Bosch Envision EN24OE & EN18OE
Bosch Focus FS24oe & FS24OE
(rears) Bosch H352 or R1416

NAPA WIP6024FZ & WIP6018FZ (also identical TRICO Exact Fit)
(rear) WIP6014A