2016 CX-9 GT Ambient Lighting Not Working on Passenger Side

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Hey all!

Looking for some information here. Recently purchased a preowned 2016 CX-9 GT. The ambient lighting on the drivers side (both front door and rear door) have ambient lighting (handle, storage area). However on the passenger side, the lighting does not work on the front or rear doors, including the front door handle and storage area, and rear storage area. None of the lights are on.

Trying to figure out how to troubleshoot this. Thought it was odd that it was the whole passenger side, so maybe a fuse or something as opposed so a bulb problem. Anyone have experience with this? TIA! (hi)


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Those ambient lights are integrated LEDs I believe, so if the LEDs have burnt out, it won't be a simple bulb replacement. In any case, definitely check the fuse boxes (one in the engine bay and one in the driver's side footwell). Start with fuse #39 on this diagram:




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