2015 CX5 2.5 AWD Transmission took a dump


San Antonio, Texas
'15 CX-5 Miata AWD
Looks like it should be done by a shop based on his previous post. But does the transmission still cost only $742 that should be the question for Chris_Top_Her?

Trans cost me 1040 shipped, 742 was for the wrongly ordered transfer unit.

Shop is doing it, just waiting for part to come in..


Mazda CX5 2014
Would be keen to see some photos if you get the old one stripped down. My 2014 2.5lt Awd has started making some bearing noises from the passenger side of the transaxle. Thinking maybe I should strip it down now before it self restricts??
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were you able to drop the trans pan to see if there was any debris? did you notice if there was any debris in the rear case?

In the transmissions/drivelines that failed, was there a single culprit or theme or were the failures different for each failed transmission/driveline?

Just curious as I like to use the go pedal more than the wife, although, I think she secretly does her own "Italian tuneups" when both the kidd-o and I are not in the car. Any 'hammering" that is done is administered after all fluids are up to temp.