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2015 Bose sound cutting out on the left side

2015 Mazda6 GT
Occasionally the sound will cut out and only play from the front right for about 2-3 secs then go back to normal, sometimes it happens once and is fine the rest of the drive, other times like last weekend it continued to happen about 5-6 times in the span of 20 minutes. Seems to happen when I have the volume up as loud as 45-46, if its a lower volume it won't happen but once it happens even turning down the volume or even turning off the car and back on doesn't work.
2015 Mazda6 GT
Just an update, the issue isn't with Bose, its with my NAVI system even though I never even use NAV and I have all alerts disabled for some reason on certain streets and even while driving on one particular part of a highway I sometimes commute on the music will cut out to one side for about 2-3 secs then go back to normal. I know its the NAV b/c its only in certain areas where maybe a speed camera is and also I turned down volume while it was cut out and it said "Nav Volume". Like I said, its not a big deal but its an annoyance esp bc I don't even use the built in NAV, ever
Beat me to it, this happened to me and I thought something was broken.

I think this is an issue because when the volume is cranked on the radio it cuts the music out instead of dimming the music. At low volume it dims the music correctly.

In the Navi settings we had the Camera Radar checked and this was the warning that cut the audio from the stereo. It's quite annoying to the point where I removed the Camera Warning.
2016 Mazda6 GT
If you don't use the navigation system at all, you could remove the SD card, and the navigation system should revert to a simple compass.

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