2014 traction control stuck on highway

cx-5 2014 awd/mazda 6 2014 GS
Hi, mazda 6 2014 GS automatic, huge downshift from 6 to ~4 to pass a car (on dry road). Traction control light comes on with the check engine light instanlty and the car decelerate to 45 mph max, engine runs like out of gas/sputters. I managed to get out of there on small roads to the job, sometimes running only at 25 mph max. Check engine light goes off and maintenance light went on (wrench light). Traction control light always on...

I turned off the car couple of seconds, start it back and everything back 100% normal, car is great again, no lights.

Checked the codes, got 304 (misfire on #4), not sure if code is new.

Should I check something or just wait and see ? seems to be kind of a known issue.

Any way to deactivate taction control with the button while having this problem ? (i did not think of it while trying not to get hit on highway)..



'16.5 Mazda CX-5 Touring
My first questions would be: What caused a #4 misfire? How many miles are on the plugs?

First, I would examine the wiring to the #4 coil, examine the electrical connector, unplug and examine the conductors of the electrical connector.

If all appeared normal, I would then proceed to remove the #4 coil, and the #4 spark plug to physically examine the spark plug. Reading the spark plug will help you determine if issue is related to a bad injector, bad plug, bad oil rings, bad head gasket, etc...
cx-5 2014 awd/mazda 6 2014 GS
I replaced the plugs 6 months ago (champion). I did remove plug #3 and #4 and they look the same. Both are a bit more black than the original ones but nothing special from pictures of normal plug I checked. I cleared the code, it did not came back. The car is burning/leaking coolant since I have it. I need to check under If I have the pump leak. I think its a recall. Are these engine are known to burn coolant ?