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Hello Team CX-5. I searched, and I don't think there was a definitive answer I can find. Called a couple of Mazda parts places, and none could either confirm or deny as they didn't have both parts handy to visually compare. It doesn't look like you can buy the rear shock mount on its own for the 2014 CX-5 (only the whole assembly), but you can for 17+. Does anyone know if the 17+ is compatible with the previous gen? I am ready to do a suspension refresh, but I don't want to reuse the top mounts or OEM shocks.
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I can tell you that the top mounts have been beefed up on later models. I didn*t think they were available separately.
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I just had the rear top mount fail on me 2 weeks ago. 2013 w 170k miles so they were past due. I bought new shocks w mounts for both sides from the dealer ~$85 each so not too bad. The new design has added ribs to strengthen the mount. I wish I could answer your question but depending on price and return policy, order the gen2 mount only and give it a shot. Most of the power train and suspension carried over w minor tweaks from Gen1 to Gen2. Very easy part to replace. 2 14mm nuts up top and 19mm on the lower mount.

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