2014 mazda6, contacts download slows Bluetooth music, fixed

2014 Mazda 6 Sport
So I thought I'd post about this. I know I've read posts from other people who were also annoyed that it takes like up to 2 minutes till you can play music via Bluetooth because contacts are downloading.

Well I found a kinda fix, which maybe heaps of you know about, but maybe not. Works on both Android and iOS. Anyway, go into your Bluetooth settings on you phone, then go into the Mazda profile and i got a heap of options for things I can disable. I disabled access to contacts and also messages (as I don't use the car to listen to them). Now when I start the car up is connected to my phone and posting music in about 20secs. And with no messages syncing I don't have to clear away the messages popup. All my contacts which were already downloaded are still there, and if I want to update them I can just enable contacts sync on my phone, re-download them, then disable it again.

Anyway, thought I'd put this out there incase it helps someone else.
2015 Mazda6 Sport Grey
I disabled my messages because I saw it as a huge distraction, I didn't even think about how it could have affected connection time to bluetooth. Thanks for the tip.

Now I need to figure out why the bluetooth disconnects occasionally when trying to connect to Pandora...