2014 Mazda 5 Exhaust Manifold Removal


I have been searching for a while and cannot find any directions to remove the exhaust manifold, I have it physically unbolted and maneuverable , but there must be a trick to getting it removed. Does anyone have instruction on the removal process? one thing that I think is causing me grief is that the manifold is unbolted, but the studs are still there sticking out, do these have to be removed and then reinstalled with the new one or can they be left.... I think partly because of the shape its a royal pita to remove.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Loosen engine mounts and use a ratchet strap or a jack to move the engine forward a bit? I think that's how I did my 2009... didn't ever work on a 2012+ though, so it may or may not be the same. Studs can stay in.