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2014 CX-9 Luxury AWD (Australia) - updated or aftermarket bluetooth module


TL;DR: Is there an aftermarket or improved OEM bluetooth module to get rid of the delay on the market.

I am currently stuck with the NB1 tomtom head unit, I don't use the maps anyway as I connect up my phone and use Android Auto directly on the phone with Waze as a much better nav system.
Therefore the head unit is really just a conduit to the speakers and display for the backup camera

As much as I would like to have an Android head unit, it seems like an unnecessary expense to buy one.

The main bugbear I have with the setup that I am using is that the bluetooth has a delay of about 2 - 5 seconds when using voice commands or the steering commands. It is so bad that when I ask google to send a message for me and it doesn't get the input in time it prompts you with a "What's the message?" it then pauses for a moment and says "Got it, your message is, what's the message. Do you want to send it or change it?"

There are really only two possible causes of this.

1 - The OEM bluetooth module is terrible
2 - Software/firmware
or 2.b - firmware of the bluetooth module

I am wondering if there are any aftermarket alternatives or updated firmware that would help eradicate this issue?

Additional: I have read people say this is just "Bluetooth", which just isnt true. I connect bluetooth to my other car a 2017 Ford Ecosport and there is no delay and steering inputs and voice input is immediate without the delay. Same goes as bluetooth connection to other devices. So this is definitely down to the software or module.

Cheers all