[2014-2016 BM] JDM mud flaps installed!

For the sake of protecting my "investment", I decided to get some mud flaps for the 3, but the ones sold here (and other countries) are unpainted black rubber pieces that makes the car look like an 80s econobox, ruining the clean looks of the car. Hell no! Thanks to the easily available JDM accessories catalog, I found color matching ones are sold in Japan. Some shopping around later, I managed to get a full set shipped to my door for around $180, a little more than buying the ugly version but not enough to break the bank!

The front set

The rear set

They didn't come with instructions, which wouldn't matter for most people here since it'll be in Japanese. However, the English instructions that Mazda USA has for the unpainted version works as they're essentially the same.

They are tiny, "cute" little pieces that won't stand up to rally abuse, but works fine for the street. I'm pretty sure they're meant to be low profile to avoid it being snagged over debris, speed bumps, and pot holes, not to mention to avoid hurting aerodynamics too much (hurts gas mileage). My idea to get these is to prevent rock chips in the rocker panel and tar/road grime from getting on there and the back bumper, which are a real bitch to clean!

Front ones installed:

Rear ones installed:

They're hardly noticeable and blends in well with the car since it's painted... really clean if you don't want to get the Mazdaspeed side skirts (that's what the OEM aero kit really is) like me.

The ones for the "BN" (2017-2018) are also available, the rears have a different part number because of the new rear bumper design
There are also rear ones for the sedan, of course, and they're the same whether it's a BM or BN because there's no changes in the rear bumper


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2014 2016 BM JDM mud flaps installed

Selling my used set of rally armor mud flaps, hardware brackets included, may be missing a screw or two.

Price: 40
Buyer pays shipping and PP fees.