2013 CX-9 Xenon Headlight problem

2013 Mazda CX-9 GT
Hi Folks,

My wife's 2013 CX-9 GT with ~130,000 km is experiencing a headlight problem. The main xenon bulb on the drivers side doesn't illuminate, and the one on the passenger side seems really dim. But the "halo" section around the main bulb chamber still lights up.

I've never had to deal with burnt out or failed lights on an HID/xenon system before. Am I looking at needing to replace the entire lamp assembly, or are there sub components that can be changed out independantly (bulb, ballast, etc.)?



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What youri said. It sounds like the passenger side bulb has degraded from age. I would try removing the passenger side bulb and installing it in the driver's side, then checking to see if the bulb lights up. If it does, you may need to replace the ballast on the driver's side. Additionally, if you get new bulbs and they appear to be just as dim as the old ones, I would try replacing the ballasts with new ones.
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The bulb is a standard size (D2S or D4S) and can be purchased all over the place. The ballast can be purchased online, either from the dealer or aftermarket.

The bulbs are kind of a pain in the backside to get out but it can be done without removing the bumper or light assembly. You need to remove the bumper to get to the ballast.

I'd do what was suggested above and swap the working bulb to the other side to see if it's the ballast or the bulb. Typically, a bad ballast results in no light at all or a light that starts and then goes out. If the bulb stays on but is dim it's time for a new bulb.

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