2013 CX-9 GT - gear shift light bulb replacement question

2013 CX-9 Grand Touring AWD w/tech. package
Hello group!
I*m looking for information.
Gear shift on my 2013 CX-9 GT stopped illuminating. This week I went to my dealership service for oil change and also asked them to check gear shift light.
Apparently light bulb is burned out and needs to be replaced. Problem is that the dealership do not have appropriate bulb for replacement. They ordered bulb from their parts supplier, but it is going to take some time because parts supplier do not have it in stock at this moment.

Service advisor provided me with Mazda number (see below) for this bulb and suggested to check around if Pep Boys, AutoZone or any other automotive parts stores have some generic bulb per cross-reference that can fit. I stopped by at the Pep Boys this morning and guy from customer service could not find bulb per their per cross-reference database.

Here is the Mazda*s bulb number: 0000 110194
Dose any one know what generic bulb (manufacturer and number) I can easily locate in any automotive parts stores around the corner that can be an appropriate replacement for Mazda*s one?

Also, how hard or easy would be to access gear shift box on my 2013-15 CX-9 and replace bulb myself? Can anyone share detailed pictures/instruction how to do it? I do not want to make any damages, so that is why I*m asking if it is not hard if I*ll do it myself.

Thank you in advance for your responses and I*ll appreciate any of your information!
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