2013 CX-5 Sport Model - Dash Speaker Question

CX-5 Sport 16.5 6M
That is a lot more reasonable.

I have been looking at a number of speakers online. Many of them are called 'woofers' plus the coaxial tweeter, usually 4 ohm.

I doubt they add much bass compared to the door speakers and I might want to add a bass blocker anyway. Plus I wonder if the edge is sealed around the speaker. They might be my best choice.

Parts Express has some 3.5 full range or midrange but I don't know if they fit the space properly.

I know there is a huge advantage to having speakers on the dash for the sonic imaging etc plus I just dont get much treble from the front. In fact I was listening carefully and I heard more treble from the rears! So even crappy are probably better than none.
CX-5 Sport 16.5 6M
I ended up with some speakers I found locally. I looked at some Kickers and Kenwood coaxs but I was afraid the tweeters would impact the grill covers.

These speakers have poly cone with a Mylar dome attached. They have a nice smooth sound and don't distort even at full volume.
They handle 30 watts so that is probably in line with the low power head. Sensitivity is only 88db so they aren't very loud.

The problem is the magnet on the driver's side is too big to fit. I put some foam pieces around the edges and used the grill cover to hold the speaker in--no screws required.

I used the trick with the 3 pin cpu plug so now I have dongles that work but maybe I should find some better speakers that fit and swap them out.

I guess these might sound a little better than the stock speakers. Maybe the magnets are smaller though. The magnet is the reason mine don't fit right.
2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport FWD Auto
Did you happen to install bass blockers? I read somewhere here that improves the sound by not robbing the front doors of low end stuff. The drivers side speaker definitely needed to be coerced to fit for mine. Large magnet. It dented down whatever was beneath it a bit I was satisfied after screwing it in place.
CX-5 Sport 16.5 6M
I was planning on some bass blockers as these speakers remind me of a midrange or midrange/tweeter but I forgot to get them. I might pick some up but the task of prying off the grill covers again might dissuade me from installing them right away unless I notice a lot of rattling.

I picked up a package of Dynamat clone sound deadner and I'm looking for easy places to stick them. I used some on 3 of the doors and it helps but removing the door panels doesn't excite me much either, which is why I didn't do the rear passengers door. I hate losing or breaking those pins.

I removed the hood pad and tried to put pieces where I could. I would like to reduce the humming sound from the front so I might look at sticking some under the dash or somewhere. I don't know how to access those areas.

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