2013~2016 2013 CX-5 - rear dampers leaking after 21k miles

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I just had the annual MOT (mandatory safety inspection in the UK) and it was pointed out to me that both rear dampers have a light misting of oil - not a failure as the damping was within spec. The car (2013 2.2D AWD) has only done 21k miles of mostly gentle driving - all mine. A couple of journeys with the boot full of suitcases.

The agent said I was the second CX5 this month with the same issue, the other car had only 11k miles!

Anyone else experienced leaking shocks at such low mileage?

I've always thought the damping was crap anyway from new - as in it didn't damp much at all and was hopeless dealing with bumps and pot holes.
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Alternate headline:

Rear dampers leaking after six (seven?) years of intermittent, extremely light use.

Its not the distance, its the time.
BMW E92 M3 & CX-5 AWD Sport Nav 175PS stormy blue with stone
I guess given the lack of responses, misting on the rear dampers on my car and those of another owner must be isolated issues. When I replace them I won't go with OE parts and try and find a damper that does what it supposed to do.

If anyone has any recommendations of after market dampers that 'damp' better and control the ride better than stock - feel free to post.