2013 CX-5: Plastic piece under the cabin is coming off, need some help identifying

2000 Toyota Echo
Hi. A couple of weeks ago a plastic moulding/weather seal or something under the car (below the door) started to come off and was hanging down, so I basically broke it off because it was going to hang down with ice and tear off anyways.

I have searched but I am having no luck with this part.

Included are photos of the part.

What is this called?
How hard is it to replace? (Any instructions?)
Good place to buy it?

My car is off warranty now and I don't want to spend a few hundred to replace something that looks like I can probably do it myself.
Thanks for any help.



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2017 CX-5 GT AWD+
Looks like a door seal gasket to me, but your location arrow doesn't.
Is it actually hard plastic, not rubber?
I ordered it a year ago, and its sitting in a box, waiting to get installed. I never did it lol
lol that was an unexpected answer, but appreciate the reply nonetheless. :) The very first fastener at the front on the driver's side on my 2016 (same part#) broke. I had to use some packing tape to hold it up. Not sure if I could just pull out all the fasteners and install the new moulding without any tools.