2012 MS3 premature wheel bearing failure?


02 Midnht Blue P5
2012 MS3 premature wheel bearing failure?
I'm stumped on this one. My 2012 has 35k on it, not driven hard, and only mod is sri and tip. Back in February I had to get new tires which was when I think the noise began, but it wasn't loud and I figured the tires were just a little noisy. Had to buy el cheapo tires because I had just got laid off. It's progressively gotten worse so I had the tires checked and they didn't find an issue with them. Suggested wheel bearing which I thought was ridiculous with the way I baby this car plus the low miles.

The noise was hard to tell which wheel it came from so today I swapped the fronts with my RX8 wheels off my P5. Before I swapped wheels it literally sounded like I was riding on mud tires. Seemed to go away on the driver front but a slight left turn to the right made the noise on the right front that makes me think right front bearing. But that doesn't explain the the driver front going away. There's no play in the wheel when I jack the car up.

I searched with no luck of anyone else having this problem. Is there another common issue that can cause this that I'm not thinking of?

One thing I noticed is some play going into the center of the half shaft. Not sure if any at all is expected.

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