2012 CX-9 Touring to 2019 CX-5 GTR


MN12 Driver
Who has made the jump from a CX-9 to a CX-5? We have had our 2012 CX-9 Touring since new and it has 97,000 miles. My Wife loves the car, but I think she will forget about it quickly after owning a CX-5 GTR a couple of days. I would also imagine the jump from a Ford based CUV to a GTR would be quite the change. This would be our 3rd Mazda, we originally owned a 2007 Mazda5, we currently own a 2012 Mazda3 GT.

Here is the current ride, when it was brand new.



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2016.5 CX5
Yeah I think she'll forget about the 9 in...10 minutes. Just because of the newer techy bits. Welcome to the club!