2011 MS3 Exhaust question...Help

Hello everyone!

I’m finally taking the dive into upgrading my MS3. I currently have no upgrades at all, but I’m trying to piece together an exhaust system and not really sure if what I’m looking at is compatible with each other. I do know the stock exhaust is 3”.

I’m looking at getting the following;

Unreal Racing Catback Exhaust -

CorkSport Race Pipe with 80mm flange -

Cobb Down Pipe-

I will be getting a Cobb Accessport as well as a AutoTech HPFP. I’m thinking about getting a CorkSport SRI and Cobb turbo inlet pipe too, but not sure if I’ll have the money right away for those two.

How do you think these will sound together and will the exhaust pieces fit well together?