2011 CX-9 OEM Radio must remain in vehicle for A/C to work!

2011 Mazda CX-9 Touring
Is this issue only present on models with the Bose system? I have a 2011 Touring, no Bose.

I am looking to replace the OEM Radio and add in a idatalink Maestro and can't find info on whether the A/C would be an issue, but obviously if the issue was only on Bose systems i'm good to go.
The solution to this problem is Metra part MZCC-01 Mazda CX-9 A/C retention interface 2011-2012. I have the non-Bose system. The part comes with a T-Harness that can also be used to plug in the factory radio to adjust the clock.
I have a 2011 cx-9 that I changed out the factory stereo with a pioneer avh-501ex and learned real quick my a/c stopped as soon as I replaced the stereo. I found this site and learned a lot on here!

I contacted connects2 and they told me their ctsmz011 is just a steering wheel adaptor and wouldnt fix my a/c although several others said it fixed theirs...So I found the PAC RP4-MZ11 from Crutchfield, and talked to them about it. They said it would work for this problem, so I just ordered it...Hopefully anyone else with this problem doesn’t go through the same problems I had and can go straight to the solution!

I tried ordering the Metra MZCC-01 but the website was sold out! So was amazon and everywhere else I looked. =(

The connects2 was $135 from the UK,
the PAC was $105 from Crutchfield.