2011 CX 9 Grand Touring with only 120,000 miles - Faulty Water pump /Ford Engine


2011 Mazda CX-9 Touring
We lost our wonder vehicle way before its time. So upset. Finding info. all over the place about the same issue on other year models. Didn't know we had a FORD engine in our Japanese car. Now we are hoping for some pennies in a few years if the class action law suit that has been filled wins against Mazda in favor of the owners of these cars with faulty water pump.
2010 CX-9 GT
Sorry to hear. I can't figure out who is ultimately to blame for this design - Ford and Mazda collaborated on engine design for many years. I guess it isn't surprising that Mazda enthusiasts on this forum pin all the blame on Ford. However, Mazda went ahead and installed it in their vehicles so they must bear some responsibility, no?

I have no idea how the class action suit will play out. Hopefully the discovery process will bring to light what the failure rate is on these things. Ford/Mazda put this engine in millions of vehicles. It's easy to find instances of this failure on the internet but considering how many vehicles have this engine I can't figure out how concerned anyone should be about their particular car.

As far as not knowing about the pedigree of the engine - did you never look under the hood? It says Ford in several places...