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2011 - ABS light blinking

2011 Mazda2 Touring 5spd
I have a 2011 Touring and the abs light is flashing. I'm assuming it is giving me a code 25 as it blinks twice then pauses and blinks 5 more times before repeating the pattern. Does anyone know what a code 25 is or is there an abs code reference somewhere? Maybe I'm not reading the code correctly and having a list will help me understand what the patterns are supposed to look like. I did see some abs DTCs in the service manual but they are the OBD codes, nothing like a 25. I guess worst case scenario is I will use the wiring diagram to test that there are no broken wires. There is a good chance a rodent chewed through a wire since I found evidence of mice in the vehicle and I found a couple of broken wires in the rear of the car. Thanks.
2011 Mazda2 Touring 5spd
Does the 2 have an airbag near or above the rear door or in the pillar? I found 2 wires chewed through that go up to a loom or wire covering that is yellow. Yellow usually indicates airbags.

Not only was the wire chewed through, there is about 6-8 inches of wire missing. This is my first experience with rodent damage.

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