2010 CX9 front brake noise issue

2010 CX-9
I am having a fierce problem with the front pad clips on my CX9.

thought it was time to check brakes (no other issues present). Purchased house brand pads and rotors - pads included the hardware kit changed all pieces on driver side. on passenger side i left the original clips in place and just replaced the pads and rotors. All of the problem has been in the driver side wheel.

I went back to parts store and they gave me another bag of clips (the original clips and remaining clips had already been tossed before the noise arose). I installed new clips and it was quiet - for two weeks now there is a combination or chirping and and grinding.

I now decide to purchase the factory pads and rotors - these pads do NOT come with hardware kit although the parts diagram clearly implies that they are included (thanks Mazda) I install new pads and rotors on drivers side. Grinding problem remains. so I get in there, reseat the clips and bend the tabs that are sticking out over against the caliper. ALL quiet.

then I take the vehicle to have front tires replaced. Grinding immediately returns. I order a new set of AC Delco brand clips. install them. All quiet for three weeks. grinding returns. took wheel back off and bent all tabs again yesterday. all quiet until this evening. now the original chirping is back and the grinding is extremely faint.

The thing i haven't done yet is purchase Mazda clips. I wanted to confirm here if the tabs new to be bent over or not or if there is a better solution for this.

2007 Mazda CX-9 Touring
There is a video on youtube. The channel is called south main auto. He does brakes a certain way and he states that he has never had a comeback due to noise. Watch some of the brake videos and see if you missed something.