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2010 CX-9 Aux port replacement

Mazda CX-9 Touring
I just purchased 2010 cx-9. when i plug in phone to aux port it only comes out of driver side speaker. tested different cable and same thing. Tested with my phone and headphones in house and it works fine. Was thinking i probably could replace the aux port. Any suggestions on where to get one and tutorials on how to replace it?

2010 CX-9 GT
I think the part number for the jack is TD74-66-DFX. Hopefully the problem is in the jack and not the wiring harness...

I've found that any of the online part sites (mazdaswag.com for instance) will figure out the part number if you describe what you need.
Hi All. Looks like I have to replace the aux port in my Mazda CX9 2009. I found the replacement part (TD1166DFX) and hoping someone can tell me how I actually replace this? Does the old one pop out easy or is this something I should have a professional do? Thanks!

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