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2008 Mazda3i

Hello all, I am new here, obviously :D.

I'm wondering if anyone knows a few things I have questions about.

1. Can I replace the doors/internals of the doors with a model that had power locks/windows and plug in the harness and it will function? There is a forum post from years ago that sounds like that should be doable, but I just wanted to confirm before I try.

2. Cruise Control, is there anything that needs to be done to add Cruise Control to the 3i besides changing the steering controls and adding the information to the control unit?

3. to add fog lights, I see I have the plug sitting in a blank spot in the bumper, is it as simple as adding the fog light switch and plugging them in?

4. Is there a way to add lowering seats? The seat is really freaking tall for a big 6ft guy like me, so I'm up at the top of the windshield :D.

and last but not least.

5. Would the radio from an upgraded model with let's say bluetooth, plugin with no issues, provided I get the bluetooth antenna/microphone?

Thank you so much in advance, I know it's a lot of information!

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