2008 Mazda3 GS - Weird Engine Lights


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279K Kms on the clock. The car is old but runs like a champ.

Ok, so this problem only comes up in the winter. Currently my ABS light is on (must have a sensor out).

But in the winter, I get the steering wheel light, and the parking brake light, then the check engine light comes on. Sometimes when the temp warms up, the 3 lights go off for a week or so, then randomly they come back on. Then spring hits and the lights go away. Anyone have any idea?
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If it's an intermittent issue, it may be a "pending" code. The ECU will test things and may not throw a CEL until it fails more than once. So it may be in there.

Any code ready should also be able to clear the codes which is handy to see if a CEL is truly an issue if it returns right away.

We had a dead battery in my Mazda3 and got a CEL after the jump. Plugged in my $25 reader...saw the code was for low voltage to the PCM and cleared the code. No problems. Obvious that the CEL was due to the dead battery.

It really pisses me off that modern cars do not show the codes on the dash. It should be illegal.
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