2008 Mazda CX9 AWD not working ( real wheel not turning)

2008 Mazda CX9 GT with Navi
Good Evening,

I own a 2008 Mazda CX9 AWD 209,000 KM, and today I noticed when I drove into my back yard ( now covered that my AWD isn't working)

Over the last 6 months, the Traction Control , ABS and the light that looks like a car sliding has been coming on and off. I had thought this was to do with a bad ABS speed sensor.

What is everybody thoughts I haven't got to troubleshoot yet besides, unplugging the battery and going for a drive but still no AWD
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I have the same problem, same car year 2008. When front wheels slipped I had yelow AWD or (I think it is AWD control light) and car didn't move, also during the emission/testing had problems driving out of the rollers when rear whils were supposed to make car move. Something is wrong with my AWD. I can't find any details on how to troubleshoot this, or whatare components to examine. I hope somebody can help. Thanks.
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Transfer case, guys.
You should have got the letter from Mazda about extended warranty on the transfercase, no?


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Transfer case is what sends the power to the rear differential which controls the rear wheels. The front differential is built into the trans itself. So those are two very different things.


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A very basic picture of and AWD system. Of note: our engines are transversely mounted (sideways in the chassis, as opposed to the picture which shows a longitudinally mounted engine) with the transmission shoved in on the side, transfer case behind it. As monoxide said, the front differential is built into our transmissions and we don't have a front drive shaft.

An un-asked for explanation:
the transfer case provides power fore and aft in the vehicle, while a differential distributes that power to each wheel. Most are basic, with the main function of an open differential allowing the inside and outside wheel in a turn to spin at a different rate. Limited slip and lockable differentials basically take this function away when necessary (limited slip = automatic/computer controlled. Locked diffs are user controlled, such as on jeeps or off-road SUVs).


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Transfer case, guys.
You should have got the letter from Mazda about extended warranty on the transfercase, no?
Hmmm..... Last recall notice I received was for the brake pedal gasket leak...

What letter? Do you have a TSB or similar document # you can share?
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Hi guys, finnaly I'm able to get on the case again. Thanks much for the pic Voldsom.
I spent some time on the net trying to understand the issue and check out the prices. The problem is that I need to import transfer case to Poland as over here the prices for this are astronomical. I found the tranfer cases in US in range of 600+ USD. I spoke withe guy who rebuilds the transfer cases localy and he stated that the part on the transmition side needs to be replaced as well (the one that tranfer case connects to) as it is also worned out.
This explains why Mazda changes both (but really?).
Unfortunately I can't use Mazda waranty any more (over 92K + relocation), so I wonder what's your opinion on this. If Mazda is just being careful when replacing both?
I want to avoid situation when I import transfer case from sand still will have to fix the transmition piece connecting to transfer case (you can imagine different type of expeses). I guess, this might not make sense and will need to stay with FWD.

2008 Mazda CX-9 GT AWD
If the splines in your transmission are worn, as mine were, you will need to replace both the transfer case and the transmission. Gets very pricey, very quickly.
Mine is CX9 2010. I've always suspected there's something wrong with the AWD because the front tires spin on wet and snowy surfaces even though other SUVs around me, large and small, have no such problem. This happens even with brand new snow tires or all weather tires on. I finally found the proof when a neighour told me the rear wheels did move at all while the front wheels were spinning like crazy in the snow. I struggled for over half an hour in the snow while all other wheels blew past me. I've had several vehicles over my 25 years of driving life. So far, the CX9 is the one I really dislike. I'm going to trade it as soon as possible for a different brand. Mazda CX9 is indeed the worst vehicle I've driven.

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