2007~2015 2008 CX9 Suggestions for multimedia receiver, backup cam, etc?

Hey all,

Just picked up my brother's old 2008 CX9 which has the stock radio in it. I'd like to put in a multimedia receiver preferably with Android Auto and also a backup cam. Also don't want to completely break the bank since it is an older model year. Just looking for something that I can use for Nav, backup cam, and streaming music or connecting to hotspot on the phone, etc for Google Play music (and or maybe Alexa?). Any suggestions on units that are flexible enough to support this and no more than $200-300? Also, looking for suggestions on backup cams.

Maybe the Sony XAV-AX100 ? I don't need a super fancy one - just something that looks pretty good. The biggest use cases are: bluetooth phonecalls, navigation via Google Maps preferably wirelessly, backup camera support with the parking assist guide lines, and streaming music. EDIT: It looks like the XAV-AX100 won't support nav natively, and you have to connect your phone physically via wire to get that. Is this how most navs that leverage Google Maps work? Or do most these days pair and 'stream' the navigation wirelessly? Having something that will work with the steering wheel controls would be good too.
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