2008 CX-9 exhaust leak. -replace?

'08 CX-9
Our 2008 CX-9 has developed an exhaust leak in the pipe that Y's going backwards into each of the 2 mufflers. Come to find out this by itself is a $450 part.

Back in the day I would just replace the entire system from the catalytic converter back to make the project easier and long lasting. However, with Mazda's exhaust component prices, this is not a viable option.

Does anyone know why these parts are so expensive and if there are any quality but cheaper aftermarket alternatives?
Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
Check a local muffler repair shop. They may be able to fabricate a new y-pipe out of either aluminum coated steel or stainless steel for much less money.

What's the life of the oxygen sensors on that car? 100,000 miles or so? You might have them renew the sensors as well. If the wells the sensors are in break off, the shop can weld in new wells.
'08 CX-9
Thanks PTguy. Didn't even think about going that route as I'm typically a DIY type of person. In this situation DIY does not seem to make sense

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