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2008 1.5 RHD: location of A/C drain tube?

2 1.5 (DE)
I've got a 2008 (right hand drive) and have a bit of a damp smell when the A/C is running, and most recently I got a couple tablespoons' worth of condensate on my foot as I moved off one day. I figured as is usually the case the drain tube might be clogged with debris, and a good burst of air might be needed. Problem is I can't find the tube to save my life. I've looked in the usual places on both sides of the firewall, and on both the driver and passenger sides, to no avail. I can only identify the heater hoses and the refrigerant pipes, but not find any rubber tube or similar structure suggesting it is a drain tube.

Would anyone be able to give me a nudge in the right direction?