2007 MazdaSpeed 3 GT COBB tuning Loaded! - SOLD

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2007 MazdaSpeed 3 GT COBB tuning Loaded!

For sale by the first owner - the original limited edition 2007 MazdaSpeed 3 Grand Touring trim. The original top of the line model is full of additional aftermarket upgrades and improvements! Please note, all original OEM hardware is for sale with the car as well (the buyer can install it back or sell it). Make me an offer!

Performance upgrades all done in the last 2 years (COBB Tuning Level 2 Upgrade parts alone = $4550 w/o install labor):
Cobb Cold Air Intake
Cobb DownPipe
Cobb TIH (Turbo Inlet Hose)
Cobb Access Port V 2.0
Cobb Sport Springs
Cobb Front & Back Anti sway bars
PT Performance High Fuel Pump Internals upgrade ($400)

The above upgrades have "Significantly" improved performance and output of the engine and the car handling overall. The difference is very very noticeable! From air intake and TIH & Downpipe opening up the "lungs" and exhale of the throttle, to the custom ECU maps of the Access port bring the power of the car from the stock 263HP well beyond 300-325HP (this is what I have time and again tested and seen using the AccessPort features). The anti-sway bars and sports suspension give a much more "grounded/settled" feel to the car around corners at very high speed (on the road or on the track). The car easily keeps up with much more expensive makes/models out there for a fraction of the price.

Access port allows you to monitor the car while driving, record data and review on the computer, update maps, change from economy to performance, to valet, to security maps in a blink of an eye. Read any trouble codes without a trip to the dealer - monitor your driving as an extra gauge.

The car has 35% front window and 20% back window tint, WeatherTech front and back bucket floor mats, rubber cover for trunk space.

The original sound system is upgraded to EONON D5151 ($350 + install)
- BlueTooth integration with phone and other devices (Hands-free calling)
- DVD/USB/SD card content (music, video)
- Built in IPod/Iphone jack and controls
- Integrated Reverse backup camera (installed in the back bumper next to the license plate)
- Integrated GPS (on SD card) with upgradeable software
- Touchscreen display with LED color selection, preset radio stations, personalizable back display, NFR pairing and display copy technology compatibility for copying your device screen onto the deck touchscreen (Android based)

INNO Car Rack ($280) (looks brand new) - makes an excellent addition for carrying up to 200lbs. of cargo, skis/snowboard, or bikes on the roof.

Recent investments also include:
- 1 year old tires
- Early 120,000 mile service (done @ 117K)
- New spark plugs, checked belts, 6 months old breaks and new rotors - this car has an amazing breaking ability! Even performance driving instructors were pleasantly surprised to see how well the car handles with all the upgrades and stock breaks.
- top of back bumper protection stickers (for your cargo not to scratch the bumper when loading/unloading)

The car has an impeccable service record, I feed it only 92 octane performance fuel at shell and do ultra synthetic and synthetic oil changes every 4k miles, instead of 5k recommended to keep the turbo happy. It has been on a track for performance driving (no racing) 3 times and has been treated with love every time after track.

I am having a hard time letting go of my best car yet, but it's time to say goodbye. I hope it finds someone appreciating all the upgrades I have made and who will take a full advantage of these improvements and continue to care for the car onward.

Notable standard features:
- Automatic windshield wiper mode
- Xenon lights with height control, fog lamps
- LED rear lights
- Dynamic Stability control

List Date: 2/11/2014
Location: Seattle, WA, United States

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