2007 Mazda CX-7 - Threw a P2006 code with Check Engine Light on - Swirl Issue

Mazda CX7
I have a 2007 Mazda CX7 and recently got a check engine light on with P2006 code. Car-X gave be an unbelievable quote of 2000$ saying that, this and almost all needs to be replaced. Got a local certified technician fix the swirl and i've driven more than 200 miles since he fixed with no check engine light gone...But i'm sensing the following issues still and not sure if it's anything to do with intake or valve or transmission.

1) Feel as if the engine power is gone, acceleration speed has dropped. In other words the pickup is slow.
2) Find it difficult to climb slopes and hills and even for a simple slope in roads, it finds difficult to climb with RPM going above 2K at 3/4 Gear
3) There is a heavy wind blow kind of a noise from the front when it shifts to gear 4 from 3 or 5 to 4...meaning heavy noise from the front at lower speeds even just like a storm...
4) Feel as if this is a NON Turbo model (Gives a feel Turbo is use less not functioning or spoilt)
5) Software updated still same

Any suggestions or leads to fix these ?
How about if you ask the same technician? I've heard that truck starts making nose and loss of power when turbo is starting to fail....... But I don't know much..... By the way how did the technician fix the code?
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My MS3 2007 had been throwing this code for years. I replaced all sorts of stuff and got same dealer run around. Finally by chance when my spark plugs came up for replacement I replaced OEM with Denso (5339) ITV20 Iridium Power Spark Plug and the problem went away for good. It's been over a year now.