2007 Mazda 6 - creaky suspension ...

2007 Mazda 6
Hi, all - I know little about cars and I'm inquiring about my daughter's newish-to-her 2007 Mazda 6. Especially at slow speeds, the suspension sounds really creaky. We took it to our mechanic at first and he replaced the driver's side sway arm link? He said other than that, the bushings are just creaky on these cars. (It has almost 150K miles on it so we don't want to put tons of money into it.) We had it at the dealer for the airbag recall and they told us basically the bushings need to be replaced and that means replacing ALL of the suspension parts because they're part of it. That's around $2K!

Not sure who to believe. Then I google and see some people actually replace the bushings only.

Can you help? Neither my husband nor I is "handy" enough to do this on our own. Thanks so much. The car is mostly just used to go back and forth a short distance to/from school, etc. But I don't want her driving anything unsafe, either.
2005 Mazda 6S Hatch Lapis Blue MTX
Believe the dealer. It happens with this platform.

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