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2007-08 NBA Thread

EDM6-zoom zoom

Crazy drama.
06 mazda 6
The lakers lost and that is it dont be crying about it.
Why come when some one's team is loseing they are all like that other team is cheating and blah blah blah? Just admit they lost oh well and be on with your day, oh and btw lakers su*k.


2009 CWP Mazda Axela Sport & 2006 Nissan 350z
same lakers that whooped on your spurs. and you aren't making any sense dude.


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Excuses are like assholes. Everyone gatz one and they alllllll stink :)


The Slowtege
2002 MP5
Congrats to the Celtics. They wanted it more and they earned it. Lakers had an awesome season and heck even a great post season. But for some reason, they had no answer for the Celts. It was like a freaky collapse mixed with giving up HUGE leads.

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