[2006 Mazda Verisa] Help removing the factory radio to plug aux cable in the back

Hi all,

I recently purchased a 2006 Mazda Verisa imported from Japan (I'm in Auckland, NZ) and am trying to remove the radio unit to plug this cable in the back:

I found another thread on here that says you should be able to access it from the glove box to plug it in:

I found a website in japanese showing me how to remove the lower glove box:

After removing the glove box however, I cannot easily access the back of the radio to plug in this cable, so I thought pulling it out might be a better option.

Does anyone else have experience with installing aux cables in these cars?
Any help would be very appreciated.
Hi eddiel, did you have any luck with this? I'm in the same position right now. Although I wanted to just add a band expander. Auckland NZ as well.
Hi eddiel, did you have any luck with this? I'm in the same position right now. Although I wanted to just add a band expander. Auckland NZ as well.
Yes I actually did manage to remove the factory radio unit (and just replace it with a new head unit I purchased) by doing the following:

1. Follow the first half of this video to see how to access and remove the security screw that locks the factory radio in place:

(Basically you have to remove some panels underneath the steering wheel which will expose the screw on the side of the radio for you)

2. Once the security screw is out, you will then need to use a small car panel tool to remove the entire front console (this includes A/C vents, the factory radio and the AC knobs).
- You will find two small holes (slits) at the bottom of the front dash panel (underneath the AC controls)
- Jam your car panel tool into each small hole, one at a time, and wriggle it around until it disconnects
- You will then be able to pull out the entire front console

I'll update this with some pictures soon once I have a break at work. This is all written from memory of 2 years ago so hopefully I got most of it right.

Edit: Oh this part is super important, when I disconnected the radio unit from the battery, it would not turn on again as I had tripped some sort of security measure (Some message in Japanese that I had to use the Google Translate app to figure out). I ended up having to throw the factory unit out which is why I replaced it with another.

Edit: Pictures with steps as promised:
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This is brilliant eddiel! Thank you! Exactly what I needed. I'll be careful not to disconnect the unit from the battery. :)
Verisa 2012
Hello eddiel.... thank you so much for the pics, couldnt find any other information over the whole internet on how to remove the fascia on the verisa..

But, the 2012 model, which i have doesnt have a security bolt to be removed... am i missing some steps here?

thanks heaps
No problem! I had to go through some Japanese blog posts with Google translate originally to find the info so I thought others might find it useful :)

Not sure about the 2012 model though sorry. You might be able to continue removing the fascia and just be careful about it.

Hopefully you'll either get to continue without issue or you might be able to see if the security bolt is in a different place. It bolts to the factory radio unit so that might help you find it. I had to use a torch to see it in my car.

Good luck! If you figure it out you should post some pics here so others can see.
Also it might help you to know that the verisa is quite similar to the Mazda 2 of the same period. At least the 2008 model is.

You might have luck looking on YouTube for videos about security bolts on 2012 Mazda Demio or Mazda 2.