2005 Mazda 3 2.3L Hatch Key Fob Help

Mazda 3s 2.3L Hatchback Automatic
I bought my car during the fall last year and never had the key fob works. I do not have the original fob so I did some research and bought a new KPU41846 fob to pair with my car. I have been having issues pairing with my car. At first I was having an issue with the ecu not responding by locking and unlocking but foundout I had to hold in the key pushed into the ignition and have not had a problem with the car responding since. But now after tons of tries with the pairing procedure I still cannot get the key fobs to pair with my vehicle. I went over to autozone and tested the fobs out to make sure they were making a reception and the RF light lit up on the tester.

I then went to assume that the receiver above the interior lights was no good so I went to grab a couple at the junkyard from another Mazda 3 hatch and a Mazda 3 sedan but still won't work.

I have the original receiver back in the car


The above link is what I purchased for the key fobs
2014 Mazda3 S GT auto, 2008 MX5 6-speed
Did you call the free tech support number?

The person from whom I bought my MX5 bought a second fob from ebay or amazon. He the asked the dealership to pairing ($100). The dealership could not get the aftermarket key fob to work.