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2004 RX8 6-speed $3200

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90 picture photo album at: http://www.fototime.com/inv/4EDD977DC840362
This is a black 2004 RX8 with the gray cloth interior. New Virginia safety and emissions inspections. Its bone stock and runs and drives excellent. Just had the recalls done for airbags, control arms and fuel system. The suspension is tight and the steering wheel is on dead center. No pulling to one side or pedal pulsation when braking. 3 tires excellent, one fair. Engine is strong and transmission is tight but grinds a little going from 3-4 if you shift quickly. If you do it normally, it doesn't grind. Also, it throws a cat conv. code occasionally, turning the Check Engine light on. It still passed emissions by having it inspected between these events. Paint is excellent except faded on rear spoiler and body has a few small dents and scrapes. Interior is very clean with little wear. Price is firm. If you can find one cheaper that doesnt need another $1,000 or $2,000 in work to pass VA safety or emissions inspections, buy it. Could deliver at low cost.

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