2003 Protege5 Bogging


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'03 Protege5
I wrote out a post but I don't see it now, I guess it didn't post or something...

Yes, the coils did fix it!
It's been running great since then and runs excellent with the new fuel pump/filter, plugs, wires and coils. These P5's are very fun to drive, I'm seriously thinking about getting another car for my daily driver so I can start throw money at this one. I appreciate all y'all's help!


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2002 MP5
It might just break in half.
I drive it really gently for fear of parts snapping off. Lol

There's nothing available locally that isn't rusted, so I'd have to get one shipped for Texas or something, and that gets complicated and expensive.

This where my trailing arm attaches to the unibody.

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