2003 Mazda Protege5 engine options

2003 mazda protege 5
Hey new the forum i recently just bought my old mazda protege 5 back from the guy i sold it to a few years back and he ran it out of oil and now it sounds like a jackhammer.. I haven't messed with it at all since i got it back i unloaded it off my trailer and parked it in the driveway.. It runs and drives but doesn't sound good at all its a main/or rod not sure just going to look for another engine. I called around to a few salvage yards and they tell me the 2.0L auto and the manuel 2.0L wont interchange and that since my protege is a 5 speed i have to look for another manuel 2.0 didn't know if thats true or what? Because its alot easier to find a auto engine compared to finding a manuel 2.0.. Next thing is i wondering if a engine out of a 1996+ mazda 626 with the 2.0 would work. and is a ford focus 2.0 the same those are a dime a dozen around here.. just need help finding the best options for this car thanks guys
02 Mazda P5
Its the same engine, just need to switch out the flywheel. If those guys are right, then how come auto guys are going standard and all they need is the tranny and components
As mentioned, the auto/manual engines are the same. You'll just have to swap the flywheel.

The Focus engine is not the same.

You can use any FS-DE/ZE from a Protege, 626 or Probe. You'll want the 2000 up engine for the better head, forged crank, piston squirters, and coil pack ignition though.