2003 Mazda Protege Mod Options?

Hi everyone ! I am going to be purchasing an 03 Mazda Protege in the next few months and I am currently trying to decide on exactly what to do to it and just what Is possible. I want to twin turbo it but I’m still learning every day and not sure if that is even possible . Any tips or advice would be great! I know you can do anything if you’re willing to spend 💲💲. That isn’t what I’m asking. Thanks so much in advance !!
There's a YouTube video of a few guys who added 4 turbos to a protege. Fun to watch, but not practical. One turbo is enough The BJ platform isn't known for high horsepower without upgrading the internals. BJ proteges are known for handling though. Sticker tires, a good set of springs/coilovers, upgraded sway bar will give you more cornering grip and fun. Best cheap and easy upgrade: buy MOOG sway bar links (the ones with the grease fittings) front and rear. If you can finding racing beat rear sway bar, it is a very nice upgrade. If you can't find the racing beat sway bar, the progress rear sway bar to still available. I run Fortune Auto coilovers, and love them.