2002 vs 2003 protege es

Hey guys, hoping someone can help me out. I read somewhere there was a post with the model differences but I can't find it. I just bought a minty 03 protege es sedan on february, dropped $2000 on parts into it, then was ran off the road by a road rager and totalled my car. Was trying to reuse the good suspension parts and tires/warranty I just bought and also have a backup engine/transmission handy. I am wondering what the differences between the 2002 and 2003 es are if any major differences? I'm trying to transfer over control arms/bushings/ball joints, tie rods inner and outer, end links, and hopefully the pepboys manager is cool about transferring my tire warranty and lifetime alignment one time being it's the same vehicle and it was an accident a month after I spent $700 there. Any info or even just pointing me the right direction will be appreciated, thanks in advance.


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Everything should be identical if you're concerned about parts interchangeability.


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can confirm. same car inside and out save for interior materials and maybe the fog lights found on only the ES. other than that everything mechanically speaking should be a 1to1 swap.