2002 protege5 solenoids

Hey Guys,

Im still progressing on my protege5. I just got the egr solenoid replacement ( intermotor #vs212) . oem-mitsubishi k5t449090-fso5-2420

I am also going to replace the original vcts and vcis solenoids. All 3 original with 196k.

I read that all 3 solenoids are the same, so i bought 3 intermotor vs212.

However, the vcts and vcis are both oem-mitsubishi k5t49091-kl01-2419.

I am now thinking that I might be in error thinking all 3 are interchangeable.

Does anyone know if all 3 solenoids are interchangeable or do i need to do more research and buy the specific part # for the vcts and vcis.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
The three solenoids appear to be the same but I'm pretty sure one of them has a different electrical connector with different spacing between the two terminals.

Thanks for replies ...when i pulled the vics and vtcs they were the same numbers but different than the egr solenoid.
I'm wondering if the 3 solenoids i bought (vs212) would also work in the vtcs and vics locations.
I am trying to avoid using them if they dont work cause at $55 each I would like to return them to rock auto
and buy the right ones!!!! Thanks again

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