2.5T Piggyback

'20 Mazda CX-5 Sig
Burger Motorsports is considering developing one of their JB4 piggybacks for the 2.5T. Below is the response I recieved to my inquiry this weekend. I suspect they could be persuaded to hurry it along if they heard from a number of the members on this forum. I'm also going to post this on the CX-5 and CX-9 pages. For those of you not familiar with BMS and their JB4, check out any of the BMW forums. I've had good experience with their products on my 335i and Cooper S. Obviously a piggyback isn't the perfect tuning solution, but when you consider geographic limitations it's nice to have a DIY option that doesn't require access to a dyno and reputable tuner.

Email from BMS:

Hello, actually the newer Mazda 2.5T's are a motor we are looking into.* There is no exact time frame but it's on our radar so keep your eyes peeled.* *We don't offer JB+'s on non BMW models often so it would most likely be a stage 1 or JB4.* N54tech our forum would be the best place to check for updates.* You can also join our newsletter at the bottom of the website as we would also post updates on that as well.**

Thank you,*