2013~2016 2.5 NA (Non CD) Best MPG after driving style changes


CX-5 Touring 2016.5

This morning I broke my own record of 37.4 mpg by a big margin which I thought was not possible.
Here are some of the things I have observed about 2.5NA
1. Sweet speed is mid 30s, after that rule try keeping it under 65
2. I accelerated during downhill runs and bled speed during uphill climbs - obvious
3. Slower acceleration can really help a lot - there was some debate about accelerating fast which is kind of true to get out of lower gears but once you are at 5th gear or above - accelerate slowly.
4. The more you coast - the more your dash mpg will be under reported. Of course your overall driving style matters but just the way CX5 calculates mpg - it does not credit you enough for coasting. I coast even during my drive and not just while coming to a stop. So the 29.3 you see could actually be 30.5 for me. This is ofcourse not a truly scientific observation. I still hate the overall range of CX5 at ~ 325 miles feck!

All of this does not matter much as my drive home would ruin everything as I loose my s*** and put pedal to the metal. All in all - I am very pleased with CX5 I got in 2016. I don't know about now - in 16 this was the alpha dog in its segment by a country mile.
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Thats pretty good. I think the overall final drive gear ratios have a lot to do with the best cruise speed.

Why do you think the mpg calculator 'shorts' you downhill?
Just to add on my 2019 GT, so far my averages according to the computer for last 4 tank refills have been 32.x-33.x mpg combined average. I fill up around the 1/4 tank range.
Lots of highway and rural roads. Not stuck in traffic yet.
I typically stick around 65-70mph on highways and use RCC often.
We have some 55mph highway stretches and if kept to the 55mph limit, the CX5 really finds a sweet spot.

All in all a HUGE difference compared to my former 2016 Jeep Renegade with 2.4L motor(26mpg on average)

Loving the gas mileage on the 2019 CX5.
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CX-5 Sport 16.5 6M
CX 5 has a good power to weight ratio, aerodynamics, and a really light body considering the wheelbase and cargo capacity. That's a big part of their Skyactive thing, plus the Skyactive drive trains.


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Kaps… Are you FWD or AWD?
If you are putting into neutral and coasting, it will use gas to idle the engine, as opposed to laying off the throttle, and decelerating and using no gas.

Why do you think it is not reporting correctly?
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Agree almost 100%. By driving smart and coasting when possible and not driving more than 5 MPH above the speed limit, I get this - in a CX-9! This is over 400+ miles - 300 on the highway.

The fuel economy with the performance of the 2.5T is really impressive.