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2.0L 4cyl (FS-ZE) engine swap???

2002 Mazda Protege5
FS-ZE swap sounds like a good project for those who want a NA build. I wouldn't mind doing it to my P5, entire swap including ECU and wiring, only problem being, mine is an A/T so, 1) will the FS-ZE work with the A/T? and 2) is it even worth it?
2001 mazda protege mp3
Ecu and harness are entirely different and will not pass an inspection as it is not obd2. When they hook up to the obd port for inspection it won't connect and is an automatic fail

Auto 2.0 will dyno in the 60-70 whp area, manual will dyno in the 95-105 with healthy engines. Fsze with an auto trans will be in the 80-90 whp area. Iirc

Keep in mind you won't get the full 40 hp gain from the fsze as you need the jdm ecu or a standalone to properly run the intake manifold. I wont to say it's a 10-15 hp decrease with the USDm ecu, exhaust, and intake manifold. I used to know all of this but I've joined the dark side and got a Honda in order to make real power
You can "build" your own FS-ZE using

-FS-ZE exhaust cam
-FS-ZE intake cam
-FS-ZE pistons -high compression...10:1 me thinks
-FS-ZE intake manifold

This plus a standalone ECU and you'll be able to pull the power that this is made for....

Problem is that the US FS-DE ECU is not made for these parts and really can't "tune" the car to run properly...As shown by the blown rings in above posting....It is essential to have proper tuning to change the compression...and would be recommended if using the exhaust cam in conjuction with the intake cam...the intake cam alone is alright and the intake manifold is a nice addition, but very costly.

Basically, yes you can build it.....
do u know were i can get an ecu and harness for the fs ze engine