1Up hitch rack?

I'm about to buy a CX-5 and want to know if a 1Up hitch rack with 2 trays will block the rear view camera? Does anyone have that setup?

Also can you open the back without lowering the rack? If so what hitch do you have?

Thanks so much!
I have a '13 Cx5 so no confirmation about it blocking the camera, you should expect any 2 tray bike rack to block it. If the camera is high on the hatch it may not be a problem.
I've run various Yakima trays, currently a Dr Tray, you'll need to lower the rack to open the hatch. The hatch would probably clear a single tray. I can open the hatch w/o lowering the rack when I have 1 bike loaded in the outer tray. Handlebar just clears (fat bike w wide bars).