1995 Protege 1.5L Standard. Starting problems -HELP-

1995 Protege
Hi, I've been having this problem for about two years now and decided to once and for all try to fix the problem. About half the time this happens when I want to start my car. When I turn the key to the start position, it sometimes cranks and starts. Other times, I'll hear a click from the starter and it'll take about a half dozen to a dozen times of turning the key before it starts. And others, I'll turn the key and I won't hear the starter click at all, this is when it'll take much longer for me to start the car.

I have replaced the starter twice and have a fairly new battery, it's less than a year old. I do have power when this occurs. Other things I've replaced are clutch switch and the ignition switch. If anyone has any ideas or direct me to what to look for I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm sure you have this fixed by now since its an old (unanswered thread) but what the heck...

I'm currently working on my son's '03 Protege5 he just bought and his had starting problems.

- His turned out to be extremely dirty battery posts and terminals which I cleaned up with a battery terminal wire brush. The dull grey color of the battery posts and cable surfaces are corrosion that impedes/resists the flow of battery current and starter cranking power.

- The battery terminal/cable ends were also green from corrosion and dipped them into some Coca-Cola for a while to clean corrosion on the copper wire that crept into the battery cable ends.

- Sometimes the negative battery to ground cable and positive to starter cable get very corroded internally and should be replaced.

- The internally corroded cables provides so much resistance current flow that it doesn't have enough amps to spin the starter over. You still might hear the starter solenoid "click" as it's fed from different wires to energize the relay circuit for the big power to spin the starter over.

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