1991 Multi-Colored Turbo Miata

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See latest FS pics here: http://imgur.com/a/yePa0

Price is $6k or best offer, and includes the car, hardtop, second set of wheels/tires, old soft-top frame, spare transmission, and any number of spare parts the buyer might want (I have quite the collection). I also have a set of completely unused (new in packaging) 225/45-15 BFG Rivals on 15x9 C3Ms that could be negotiated into the deal.

Odometer: ~174k
Engine/Trans: ~90k
Title is clean

-It's a whole bunch of different colors! Don't need to color-match damaged body panels. Guaranteed to turn lots of heads. Painted by a professional body shop that also spliced a Dodge Neon front bumper into the Miata front bumper.
-It has a turbocharger to go fast! GT2560, stainless steel v-band exhaust, 10psi on a GM electronic boost controller, 200-210whp on Virtual Dyno. All supporting mods for turbo management: a bigger-than-stock all-aluminum radiator, coolant re-route, oil cooler, large FMIC, COP ignition conversion, MS1 HiRes ECU, etc. Engine and transmission have <90k, replaced 2 years ago, 1.6L with big-nose crank.
-Great chassis and brakes to keep things on the road! Flyin' Miata stage 2 suspension kit, polyurethane bushings, Mazdaspeed competition motor mounts, Boss Frog Arms, Flyin' Miata frame rails, Porterfield R4S brake pads. RX-7 clutch-pack LSD, 1.8L-style rear axles, recently rebuilt hubs with AMSOIL grease in the front bearings.
-A pretty okay interior! It's original and reflects 170k+ miles of use. No tearing in the seats or carpet except where the Hard Dog roll bar goes though (roll bar means no soft top). Also includes an OEM hardtop, required for some types of racing. Stereo has been removed, but it has reasonably new speakers and an amp with an aux. input. Hook up your smart phone, iPod, or whatever to get tunes. Horn and wipers have been relocated to where the stereo used to be, and the ECU is in the glove box. Also has a shifter knob made from a genuine #13 pool ball! I can make it a different ball if the buyer so chooses.
-It is hilariously fun to drive! Steering has been de-powered and TIG-brazed to eliminate slop, alignment is F: 0in Toe, -1.5Camber, 4.5Caster, R: 0in Toe, -1Camber, Cool Breeze scoop keeps the cabin filled with fresh air. The most visceral street car I have ever driven.

There are a lot more mods on the car.

I am selling my fun car of the last 6 years because I have a kid on the way and I see my free time quickly evaporating to almost nothing. I have been through virtually everything on this car in the last few years and replaced or repaired much of it preemptively, too much to go into here. It has been a very reliable and fun car for me. There are still a few little things that could use attention of course, it needs a new passenger window crank handle, the current tires are near end-of-life (the car will include a second set of wheels and tires), there is some rust in the trunk, and the hardtop-door interface leaks a very tiny bit.
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